Tuesday, November 30, 2010

check it out

hey my faithful followers! I started a new blog check out Magpies!!


Monday, November 29, 2010


I absolutely abhor when people talk to me in a whiny tone.

I'd rather rip my ears out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stand Still.

I've been told I can't stand still.

I would have to agree. I always have some other place I would rather be...I feel like I am missing out on life if I stay still for too long.

I am at a stand still. we are not talking. going on day 7. I am learning I am stubborn.
Maybe I am reason, maybe they are. Either way I WILL NOT CAVE.

Is it wrong to pray for God's will when secretly you WISH you can get what you want? I know what I want, but I want God's will more. I need God to guide me, to show me HIS way, but I am afraid if he tells me what to do and it is not what I want, I won't do it. I want to do one thing, while almost everyone else is pulling for me to do another.

Open and close doors according to YOUR will God.
Give me something to hold on to - if that is what you want.

Be Still and know that I am God.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This morning I woke up in Katy, TX. Which is a pretty large city in the Houston area. I got a cup of Hazelnut coffee, a bagel, and headed to the conference. We passes right by Downtown Houston. It was lovely. I am now at a Starbucks in Clear City, Texas. It is great. I love big cities. Though driving in the city makes me really tense, Sorry Becca. :) Poor dear I was being really crabby when I was driving yesterday. Man I just love the city, I love the atmosphere. It is so great. I am not a country girl.

I also think I am going to go to a mega church, or a large church. I love the atmosphere, there are legit people there. I don't know, it is just what I am thinking I am going to do. I would love it.

I love polished people. Dark jeans, good hair, nice sweater. I love unpolished people too. I just want to look well put together.

There is so real point to this. Just some thoughts. Some ramblings. Some things I need to get out of my otherwise crowded mind to make room for more thoughts. I love where God is taking me. I never wanted it, I always wanted to get out. But it is true what they say you don't know what you got till it's gone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There is beauty in brokenness. There is beauty in pain. God sees us in our weakness and He loves us the same. A friend pointed out to me that God sees the whole picture when He looks at us. He sees us outside of time, he sees us when we are at our lowest but he sees the person we are going to be. He knows there is a journey, He is proud of us, where we are at. It's ok to be broken. It's ok to be weak. It's ok to reach for God. It's ok.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blatantly Obvious.

It is blatantly obvious to see that you do not care.
It is blatantly obvious to see that I wish you did.

It is blatantly obvious to see that I need to stop caring.

I wish that I could.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coffe Shop Junkie.

Coffee Shop Junkie, that really is what I am. Though this condition is considerably cheaper than those of perhaps a crack cocaine junkie, it is still not cheap. The average cup of coffee is $4.50. If you get a latte, and why not get a latte? That is part of the experience. The coffee shop with the addicting $2.15, unlimited refills, is about 35 mins away. So with gas, everything evens out.

I love coffee shops, I love the atmosphere, I love getting off campus, I love people watching, I love the quiet, I love the busyness, I love it. I love them. I love coffee. & country music.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I am about to move. About is a little strong. But I have until Dec 19th. I am so confused how time is going by so painfully slow and so frighteningly fast. I want to go home. I will miss my friends. People. You, people. You get me attached and then I move and nothing is ever the same. Change is good, change is bad, change is scary, change is not fun, change is exciting.

My point? Everything has its ups and downs. Coffee, Texas, Michigan. All of it. Would I rather save my money and never taste the sweet nectar of an upside side Caramel macchiato, low fat, with whip? No. of course not. Would I rather not make friends for fear of losing them in the future? No. So why am I so fearful of making this choice. This choice that seems so permanent.

Sometimes I think that I am too young for this. I swear two days ago I was 18. Graduating highschool, petrified of college, look at me now! I live in TEXAS. When I came here, it was a jump, it was a risk, and it was great. This place has provided me with the environment I needed to grow into the woman God has created me to be. Home. Nothing good really ever came from home. But I am not who I was. I am not who I am going to be.